Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Recipe

We'll I did it!  I made the Chicken Vegetable Alfredo Soup.
I was looking through some Pampered Chef soup recipe cards that I had in my cook book drawer 
found the card for this soup.  I thought, "Mmmm this sounds good, looks good, and seems easy to make". 
So I made it, and it was very good (I almost didn't believe it was me who made it).
 I put extra chicken and a little extra broth.  I also used maybe 1/2 - 1 tsp. of dry basil seasoning instead of the fresh.

I boiled my own chicken so I had plenty of broth, then I just scooped out about 2 1/2 cup of broth and added one boullion cube.

Here are some pics of my cooking success!  Another meal added to my list.  Yesss!  I can do this wife thing after all.  Lol!

Ps.  I didn't make my bread bowl as suggested by the recipe.  I bought it.
However, BJ and I agree that it would have been great in a regular bowl too.  
Those are mashed potatoes on the side.

Take Care and Happy Cooking!



  1. WOW, does that look amazing Joanna!! I NEED this soup :)

    SO much fun, loved the pics.

    ~ Marie

  2. The recipe sounds really good. It looks great in the bread bowl. My mom used to sell pampered chef, so I ought to have that recipe in my collection somewhere.

    I love the picture of you in your apron in the previous post. I know Roxy is going to love getting her apron from you. I'm excited to see all the aprons. Also, I loved your quilt. How wonderful to make them for Hospice. Did you and Marie get together and sew? I would love to crash that party.
    Love, Pam

  3. HI Pam! Yes Marie and I were able to sew together on Thursday. We would have loved you to crash the party too. We had a lovely time. The recipe is great and would also be great maybe better in a regular bowl with a baget on the side. Mmm. I told BJ I'm working on my cooking, soups first then we'll move on. They are so easy to cook. Who knew? If you click on the pink Chicken Vegetable Soup letters it will take you directly to the recipe.

    I love you so much, and thank you for having great daughters. Your family has blessed my life beyond words and given me a desire to be a sweet feminine lady just like you all.