Thursday, September 23, 2010



Well friends I was over on the blog living from glory to glory reading about the "Great Apron Swap" when I couldn't help, but notice her lovely music. In the background was playing the Island version of "Over the Rainbow" which I love by the way. However, it got me to thinking that I have not posted about my lovely vacation.

So, now seems like a great time... other than the fact that I should be doing my homework : )

We had a great time. We took Military flights most of the way there and back, which is very adventurous if I do say so my self. You never quite know when your coming or going and sometime even where it is you'll end up, but the price can't be beat! FREE!

We stayed two nights at the Military Resort the Hale Koa and the rest of our night with my cousins family. We were able to see him only one night, the night we arrived and he went back down on the submarine the next day.

Please enjoy!



  1. What an EXCITING vacation Jodi! I love that you traveled through the military! The pictures are so fun. I or Marie needs to show you how to make the pictures bigger! I want to see EVERYTHING lol! Thanks for posting and taking the time out of your homework time ;) I love you sweet pea!

  2. Jodi, I just realized that you posted. I love your pictures, and just showed them to Steve. When did you guys go on your trip? Steve and I have been wanting to go to Hawaii for ages. We keep saying we'll go for our anniversary one year....haven't made it yet, but still dreamin. Love the turtle picture, it makes me want to get in and swim with him. You and B.J.
    sure make a cute couple.
    Much Love,