Monday, September 20, 2010

Master Bedroom

Redecorating project: Master Bedroom
The old wall color. Dark grey with darker
gray baseboards. So dreary.
The new tan with the old grey.
I haven't painted the half bath in our bedroom yet,
so it is still the dark grey, but the bathroom has a bonus
concrete type of pho finish.
Our new bedspread. Just needs a decorative pillow. And a decoration behind the bed. I painted the bed frame brown to match the trim, but you can't even see it now with all the bedding!
The wall color is Herb Tea. It's a little brighter than I had expected,
but I like it and can always change it in a year or so when I'm tired of it.
The curtains are reversible. I had them on the brown side with gold leaves at first
But when I put on the new comforter it was a little too dark so I flipped them to the gold side.
We will get new bedroom furniture someday... for now this is what ours looks like.
I changed the trim from dark grey to chocolate brown. I like it very much!
Here you can see very well the contrasting colors. Tan, green, and brown.
This flooring is on of my favorite things in the room. I don't know why
everything is underlined on this caption. Oh well!

I still need to get decorations. I would like to get some pretty sconces with a leafy look, a mirror or hanging jewelry box, a rug, and an ottoman/storage box for the foot of the bed. Oh and a new bedroom set! )

Take care!



  1. Oh Jodi, I just love this post!! I am so glad you posted the pictures of your Master bedroom! Your paint job is beautiful and the colors are lovely.

    Thanks for sharing!!
    ~ Marie

  2. I like it so much Jodi. It all looks so warm and inviting, I think you picked such nice colors.. It seems like we like a lot of browns around here too... I like the earth tones. Your bedspread and curtains are pretty. The trim looks real good also. Its so fun to see what you girls and hubbies do... its inspiring.
    Love you,

  3. Jodi I love the master bedroom! Your taste is so lovely and refreshing! I am really loving the new bedspread! I am starting to get a feel for your lovely new home! By the way, I miss you!

    Everytime you update, you go to the top of my blogroll list! I can't wait to see the updates to the rest of the house! I love you Jodi! KISS :)

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! I'll have to post again when it has all the extra's that I want to put in there.

    I miss you too Elizabeth!!

    Love you all.