Saturday, September 11, 2010



Well, hello there again. It's been a while and I have a lot to catch you up on
like vacation, school, and my house... but, today I'm only going to tell you
about my Goodwill find. I always see everyone posting all their great thrift store and
garage sale finds, but I never find anything good. Until today!

Today I woke up late piddled on the computer until it was time to go to Julie's Baby shower
then met Marie at her house and we drove over together. We had a great time! I met Julie when she was Marie's neighbor and she threw little Zane's baby shower. Now Julie and I sometimes see each other at the gym and chat about stuff and when we last saw Marie. : ) Julie is having a little boy and it was such a fun shower. There were just a few ladies, mostly Julie's family, but I love small groups over a lot of people.

After the party I dropped Marie off at home and decided to pull into the Goodwill on my way home. I was looking at pictures to go in my country room then turned around and much to my delight I saw this:

Of course I was delighted! I called BJ right away and told him that I was buying it. I have been
wanting a rocker for so long and I found this beautiful rocker for $20.00!
And since I was taking these pictures of the chair I decided to take pictures of the whole room I put it in. Enjoy, and take care!

I also got these two little pieces today for $.99 each
My cousin bought us this expensive comforter set for our wedding, and I love it.
I am doing our bedroom in a different style now, but did not want this lovely set to
to go to waste, so I am doing our spare bedroom in a country theme.
My closet is in the spare room so I don't wake my love in the mornings.
I got this sweet little bear at an auction a little while back, she was in a box
with a few other bears for $4.00. BJ doesn't like her but I think she is
adorable and fits in perfectly in this little country room!
Ps. My sister gave me the lace curtain and some shelving out of her garage sale stuff for free!


  1. Oh what a delightful find Jodi!! I can't believe you got it for $20.00!!!! I also love your guest bedroom. So cozy.

    I had so much fun with you yesterday! Thanks for picking me up and being a shower buddy! Yes I love small groups of people at parties. All the ladies were so sweet and they made me laugh too!!

    ~ Marie

  2. Its so sweet to see what you are up to and to see the lovely little things you are doing to your home. It is a wonderful thing to hunt and find those treasures that make our house a home isn't it? I like your rocker... very cozy.

    Love you Jodi,