Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our First Married Christmas

Merry Christmas

Our first Christmas was very lovely. We slept in until 10am and didn't rush into opening our gifts. We just had one a piece because we are going out of town on the 28th. I made a coffee cake and coffee for breakfast, and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. This is a tradition my mother started with us and my sister Jayna and I are continuing it with our families. God has blessed us so much this year and we are thankful that he kept us close to him, through the happy times and the difficult ones. He is good all the time. He has also blessed us with great friends in a place we thought we would have none, he blessed us with a great church, and a steady job and income. He truly has been so good.

Here are some pics of how I decorated our little apartment for Christmas. Patriot decided he wanted to have a Christmas pic so he sat and waited patiently until i took a shot of him with the dining room.

Marie and Elizabeth gave me this can of delicious loose leaf Ginger Peach Tea.
I have already had two of these little pots and BJ likes it too. My little pot has a loose leaf
filter in which I put a half teaspoon of tea leaves. It gives it the perfect potency.

Christmas Dinner prepared by my love!

I got this tree for free at the Airman's Attic in Germany it is a great little tree.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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  1. Oh Jodi, what a delightful Christmas! I enjoyed the pictures so much. You can tell BJ that meal looks wonderful! :) I hope you both are having a lovely time away right now...... much love sweet Jodi!