Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hello all!

This is my house. It is a sweet little home. We are have very nice neighbors
who sweet older people. They like telling us about the flowers and plants in our yard. I didn't do a very good job this year of keeping up on them, but it has been fun getting surprised by all the different kinds of flowers and plants that have popped up in our back yard flower beds. I
also wanted to plant a garden this year, but didn't get it planted. We did get all the flower bulbs cleared out so it should be easier to get it planted next year!

I am going to begin decorating next weekend. I am starting with our bedroom and then will move on to the office, and lastly the guest room. I have decorated the bathroom already, but still need a couple more hand towels and a piece of art to go above the toilet.

I have also been working on a quilt for hospice, but am stuck on the binding. I don't remember
how this part is done and need to pic up a book from the library. I've looked on line, but haven't found anything I liked. If you have a good website or know a simple way to do this please let me know. I bought the binding, but when I put it on the seem wasn't in the right place.


  1. So nice to see a glimpse of your house Jodi :) I love the new background and look forward to your upcoming posts. Love you!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I was so excited to see you had commented.

  3. Jodi, It is so sweet to my heart to see your lovely house. I love having a picture of where you are. Your plans sound wonderful. I was hoping to get a garden in this year also. I haven't gotten it in either. I do have some tomato plants and pepper plants I am hoping to get in before they die Ha.
    I will keep my ears open for a good quilting blog. Don't you wish some of the Amish ladies close by would offer some classes; I would sure love to go to some of theirs wouldn't you?
    Love and Blessings,

  4. Pam,

    It would be so nice to take a quilting class with the amish ladies! It would be nice to have some of their pie too!

    I will post some of my quilt soon and of my living room BJ was able to hang up the mirror we just bought and some other pictures we have.

    Have a lovely fourth of July.

    Lots of love,