Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Pupperoni

Puppy Friends

In mid March Patriot's friend Strydess came to play.
She is such a sweet dog and is much different than Patriot.
Patriot hates to be loved, but Strydess just can't get enough and will
almost sit right on you, just to be close.
These two pups had so much fun. They played all day together then would come
in and crash during the evenings.
They love each other and we say Strydess is Patriot's girlfriend.
You can see them in the pics below. Patriot even gave her a kiss!

When Strydess went home Patriot went with her and got to play at her house for
about a week. They have a lot of fun playing together, and I think Patriot misses
having a playmate. I'll look outside and will see him just laying in the grass. This is
not very common for my very nosey dog.

Enjoy the puppy pics.

Napping together

Patriot is so funny. I love to see him sleeping.
Puppy Kisses!
They're saying, "Are you going to give us a treat?"


  1. Jodi, I love the pupperonni's. This post is so sweet, and it sounds like a storybook when I hear about Strydiss and Patriot. It makes me miss Strydiss and she really does try to get into your lap:) I loved meeting Patriot last fall as well. it was delilghtful to see the pictures of him as well. Those puppies have gotten big.
    Much Love

  2. So cute Jodi!! I love hearing about their time together and also the pictures :) I hear Strydess is visiting right now :) Love you!