Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thursday I joined Marie for our last Girl time Thursday (for a little while anyway).  She will be bringing little Zane into the world soon and I will be having a wedding and going on my honey moon this new month as well.  I have so enjoyed our times of talking and Tea. She has been so helpful to me in preparing my center pieces, helping my sister with the shower, and just being a great friend.  I am so  blessed to have her be a part of my life. 

This past Thursday was great too!  We talked to Elizabeth on Skype.  It has been so long since i've seen her I really enjoyed talking to her and seeing what she was up to. (Elizabeth, your wedding cake turned out beautifully!) .  We drank tea.  Marie made me chicken and rice soup. It was so good and it really hit the spot after a loooong day of work.  Lastly but not least Marie taught me how to crochet.  My mother had shown me how to crochet the first string when i was a little girl, but i had never learned how to go back the other way and make something that was worth making.  Marie is such a good teacher. She took her time and showed me about 4 different times how to do the same thing. How to hold your work, and she was so encouraging too.  She also told me of a few video tutorials on the web that teach different stitching patterns.   I took her advise and made my first granny square.  I think the pattern has too many holes, but i am very satisfied at how quickly i was able to pick up this new trait under Marie's instruction.  Thanks for being a GREAT teacher Marie!  Here is peak at my first work. The pics aren't that great, but they'll do.


  1. Oh Jodi you did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!!! Your granny square looks beautiful! I am so glad you and Marie have been able to spend this time together. It was so nice being able to see you on Thursday! You two will have to keep up the tradition you started! :)

    Your wedding day is almost hereeeee!!!! :P

  2. Wow Jodi! I am so pleased with your beautiful granny square! You are such a fast learner! You sure didn't need my help teaching you. You could of have gone online and learned the basics without me :) You are so sweet though, I had so much fun with you the other night. I am so glad we had this time to spend with each other before the baby came. You have been such an encouragement for me these last months of pregnancy! I cherish our friendship so much.

    P.S. By the way, your granny square is perfect, it doesn't have extra holes. It is so beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with your new skills!! Love you so much