Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bridal Shower

Saturday was my bridal shower!  It was put on by my matron of honor, my sister Jayna.  My mother and my darling friend Marie helped too.  I had a wonderful time driving to the shower with Marie.  We drove from Dayton up to the church my parents and sister attend.  It was a 2 hour drive.  Marie and stopped at a wonderful Gourmet shop!  It has all kinds of wonderful tea china, gourmet tea, cookies, coffee, spreads, lotion, candles, wine, and lots of other things too.  I found it a couple of weeks ago after an appointment with the wedding photographer and just had to take Marie and show her.  We also stopped by President Harding's Memorial and a yard sale too!
The shower was a wonderful tea party! We played games and enjoyed watching my neices and nephew be silly.  My nephew just 2 insisted he wear a hat too and was drinking out of a tea cup. It was so cute. 

My parents and 
me after the party marie and I were visiting my daddy.

My friend Patty I was truly blessed by how excited she was to be at my party.  My sister Jayna and i both babysat her children. 

Next I am sitting between Miss Kitty and Karen.  Miss Kitty is a wonderful lady from the church.  She is so excited about everything and is such a blessing to be around.  She makes you feel like the cherry on top of ice cream and she'll tell you you are too!  Karen was like my second mother growing up.  I baby sat her daughter full time while I was in Junior High school and When I turned 15 I started working in their family Pizza shop making Pizza's.  Karen always knows how to make me feel special and stay a little longer than I had planned. I love being with her and talking to her.  She has such a personality and is so funny.

My sisters and I are the beautiful ladies in Pink!  My sister Kelly is the one with the glasses and lovely crochet top;  and Jayna is the adorable garden girl who threw me the party and made the hats.  What a wonderful time we all had.  

Last but not least Marie and I are in the very bottom picture.  She is 35 weeks pregnant.  I am so excited for her and the little guy growing inside her.  She is such a wonderful friend.  I believe God placed us back together.  We lived together a few years ago before I joined the AF.  She then Got Married while I was in Germany, then she and her husband moved to Dayton in January and I received orders to come to Dayton in Mid February and arrived at the end of March.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful people God has placed in my life.

Ps. I miss and love you Elizabeth.  I wished you could have been at the party and was missing you.  Hope to see you soon!



  1. What a wonderful post Jodi! I loved all of the pictures and to be able to see your sisters :) They are so pretty! I am so so glad you have Marie there with you especially during this time of your wedding and with your family. Miss you and love you!!!

  2. P.S. I love the clocks!!!!!!! You are sooooooo SWEET!!!

    AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :) Can't wait to meet BJ!

  3. I love the post Joanna!
    I had so much fun with you! I can't believe we spent the whole day together! I really liked meeting your family, especially your dad! They all were so kind to me. I am excited for BJ to come back and for us all to go out on double dates together! Don't forget to get yourself some yarn, so we can crochet together next week! if you don't have any, I have some yellow yarn left over from a baby blanket I made. I think you might like the color.