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July/August/September of '07

July/August/September of '07

So I'm not sure really where to begin, but I'll try picking up where I think I left off.  So, after arriving in Germany I was blessed to see three rainbows in three weeks letting me know that God was near and that he was remembering his promises to me.  After being in Germany just one month I was able to take a tour of the Rhine River and see a fire works display that they put on there.  I also took a train by myself to Trier-Germany's oldest city, but forgot my camera on both trips.  

I had also already made a few friends and surprisingly enough had a few men that were trying to get my attention.  I am a person who tries to be very cautious about who I give my time to, so I was very surprised at how quickly some people let you into their lives and will cut you out also very quickly if you don't follow or acknowledge the reasons they are hanging out with you( this is kind of in code, so if you don't understand just ask).  One very nice fellow and one of the few I actually hung out with on a regular basis, was very sweet and animate that I was the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately I did not feel the same way, and mainly because we saw differently in the area of a relationship with Christ.  I am not telling this story to laugh at his misfortune only to tell you a funny story.  So, the two of us had went out a few times, but I kept a handle on denying any activity that might be seen as a date. One night after being out with friends we decided to return early, and he asked me if I would like to go up to the castle. I agreed because even though it was evening the Castle was usually pretty well lit. Well, not this time.  It was pitch black.  And we couldn't see a thing!  So then he said, it's so dark up here can I hold your hand? OMGoodness!  LOL! I was shocked, but it was quite a funny situation to me. I told him I would hold his elbow. ( this might not be a funny story to anyone else, but it is to me)( At this point I had not had a boyfriend for 7 years).

So the next morning after the castle incident I woke up and went to the train station and caught the train to Trier.  It was a wonderful day. I was all alone to wander around and explore on my own.  I had a great day.  I journeyed back in the evening and accidentally missed my train so I arrived back to the base later than I had expected. While returning to the dorms I was greeted by a large crowd who begged me to go down town with them. I was tired, but I had promised the girl that helped me get settled onto the base that I would go out with her one time. So we did.  

*There is a point to all this jabber, I promise.*

So, before we left I was introduced to a guy I had not met yet.  I had met his friends the week before and had made them sandwiches after they helped me break into my room ( my key would not work).  These friends of the new kid had told him all about me and told him that he was going to like me, but he did not believe them. They told him that I was a Christian and that I was very nice and a heart to help people, and of course that I was pretty too.  He did not believe them, but the moment that we met and began talking I said to my self, I think I'm going to like this guy. He seems different. I picked out right away that he was a church kid and he let me know that I was right and that his parents are pastors. He encouraged me to stay focused and keep my faith while being stationed over seas.  

We talked the whole time on our way down town about who we were and why we had joined the military. We found out we had both attended Bible school and joined the Military to serve our country and go to school.  After we got down town we talked a little more and I started dancing with other people. After a few songs of one of his friends dancing with me, he pulled him aside to talk about who would get the girl.  His friend bowed out gracefully, and he cut in to dance with me next. After a few dances we went outside and talked some more. That is when I found out we had the same exact dream of traveling the world and starting Orphanage Schools for children that would also bring them up in the ways of the Lord and give teach them life skills.  After he told me his dream, he asked me mine, but I got all choked up and couldn't tell him, because I thought he would just think I was copying him.  After a little while longer we went back to the base and spent the rest of the night talking about life and drinking tea until the sun came up.  I hadn't had a boyfriend for 7 years, and was always very careful about keeping my bubble up, but was so excited about meeting this guy that I kissed him on the first night we met.

The next morning he saw me walking home from church with my groceries and picked me up. I was surprised, because I didn't expect to see him so soon. Also, because by that time I was freaking out that I had kissed him on my first time of meeting him.  I hadn't liked somebody like so strongly in a very long time. I felt like I was jumping off the deep end, and I was trying to get my self calmed down.

So anyway, he picked me up and asked what I was doing later on. I told him going running and he asked to go, but I denied because I was going to run with the Elbow guy(Zach, it's kind of rude to call him elbow guy, he's a nice kid), I thought it might be a bit awkward to run together with the both of them.  I told him that I had bought stuff to make pizza and he was welcome to join. So he agreed.  I invited about 10 people to join our little pizza fest, but he was the only one who showed. I taught him how to make pizza and we talked and had a great time.

For three weeks after that we would run and stay up late talking and talking and talking!  We enjoyed getting to know each other. For those three weeks even though i kissed him on the first day I wouldn't even let him hug me. I told him I thought we should be friends for 3months and then could decide if we wanted to date. 3 months got cut to three weeks. He stole my heart.  
On the third week he took me out to a wonderful elegant restaurant here in Germany. The food was delicious and the decor was a European Country theme. After dinner we played on the kids playground outside. He stole another little piece of my heart when he did that. So, of course I couldn't resist kissing him again that night.  
The next day we went to Heidleberg, and I was acting tough again no kisses and no hugs. We had a great day. Seeing the castle, drinking Starbucks(my favorite), and wandering around town.  On our way home he asked why I was being so tough, and I told him it was because I wanted to be his girlfriend if I was going to keep on kissing him.  He let me know that he was happy being single, but that he was also very happy while spending time with me and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

We've had our bumps, bruises, and breakups along the way, but we've never stopped talking, and talking, and talking since the first night we met. On July 14th 2007.  His name is Benjamin Quintanilla Jr. - BJ.  Except the one time I broke up with him because I got scared, and when I was running I saw him and we started running together, but then I freaked out and ran the other way. LOL!  
I've come a long way since then.

Below are some pictures of Heidleburg, GE and Prog, Czech Republic.  I have posted some captions below the pictures.

A view from the mountainside looking at the river in Heidleberg. 

BJ and Me on the Bridge in Heidleberg he got 
mad because I wouldn't give him a kiss and 
it was the perfect spot for a kiss. (it really was)

The Heidleberg castle

The bridge. It is beautiful.

The church attached to the castle.

That's me with very long natural colored hair.

A shot I took from the tram that takes you up 
the mountainside to the Castle.

BJ, Jodi, and Ben. Poor Ben was sad he didn't 
have a girl too.

A perfect little tree sitting in front of a beautiful 
scenery. It deserved to have it's picture taken.

The tram.

This is in Kali Vi VAry, or something like that.
It's a town in Germany that is very close to the czech border

The crew I went with to Prog, most from my office, except the one in the middle

one of the coolest statues I've seen.

a street band

I like this picture of me. Standing in front of the river in Prog.

Me and my best friend in Germany Alicia

I was so happy to see the American Flag

St. John's tongue

The cathedral guard


  1. What a wonderful story of you two! I loved reading it. You are so adorable Jodi, no wonder he fell in love with you! You guys make an excellent couple:)