Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Time

Hello All!

Summer is here(has been for a little while) and I am loving it! I enjoy being outside in the summer time. I think it is such a shame to cry and complain about bad weather in the winter, then complain just as much when the good weather comes.

Today I went fishing and got a lot of sun. I'm not a lobster, a little pink, but it doesn't hurt at all. It was such a relaxing day. They allowed us to close our office for an outing and picnic. We able to pick which activity we wanted to do in the morning, then all met back up for the picnic at noon. It was sooo nice. I was able to catch two little fish. One blue gill and one baby bass : )

I also got a hair cut today. Another thing I love about summer. I like to cut my hair short in the summer and let it grow out all winter. It was a little past my shoulders before I got it cut. I guess I should have taken a before pic since it looks a lot like my last year's style. However, I still had my last year's blond at the bottom and all brown on top.... so this cut was much needed!

One more thing I love about summer is... the corn and bean fields. Everyday on my drive to and from work I get to drive down a nice country road where the corn and beans line each side of the road (in some parts). The corn has gotten so tall this year. It is so cozy to me. Maybe because that's what I grew up with, but I just have such pleasant memories of riding in the car or on the school bus and seeing the fields full of crop. At home there are a lot of wheat fields too, which I also love. The best part is to roll down the windows while passing the corn fields later in the summer. The smell is so sweet and heavenly. These things comfort me so much.

Matthew 9:38:

38Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.

I love summer!


  1. YAYYYY you posted again! And what a fabulous post! I loved reading about your memories! And your HAIR! It looks so cool and refreshing as well as lovely!

    I have to say it again, I love the background!

    Missing you! Love your sis


  2. I love it when I see you have posted Jodi. I think Ohio is so pretty; especially in summer. Your hair sure looks cute. I wish I could wear mine like that. It frames your face and looks so sweet. Take care Jodi.
    Much love Pam