Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fun with friends

Yesterday afternoon BJ and I went over to Marie and John's (and Elizabeth) house. We were only planning to stay a little while, but we ended up staying all evening! We had such a fun time, playing Rummy, putting together a vintage puzzle and playing with the baby, and eating left over Turkey paninnis, quesadillas, and pig in a blank(sausage not turkey). We made good progress on the puzzle and I really enjoyed putting it together with everyone. Every time I make a piece fit, I feel like I have won the game. I was unable to find the exact picture on the puzzle, but the one above has the same theme of Fox Hunting.


  1. OH Jodi, you are so good at puzzles! You NEED to come back over and help me finish it. I got some of it done these last two days but it still needs your skills :)

    We all had such a blast last friday. Next time Patriot can come and then you can stay longer. Did you find the movie at the red box yet?

  2. Wow, this is really close to the puzzle! We will all have to get together again soon and play the other games Jon bought. They are really fun ;)