Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Pupperoni

Let me tell you about my little Pupperoni. His name is Patriot. He is such a funny dog. He is currently seven months old and the bottom picture is the most current photo of him. BJ got Patriot in Texas and brought him to Ohio. He is such a cute, fun, and very animated dog. He can also be a double hand-full, because he has lots of energy!

I love it when he sleeps like this with his back feet pulled up to his chin.

His ready to play pose!

Patriot in the patriotic chair.

On our way to puppy training class at Petsmart.
Patriot loves his girlfriends Kanga and Ellie.

Patriot being miserable with his halo collar after being neutered.

The funniest story I have about Patriot is when he swallowed a sock! I had only been home from work about a half an hour when patriot got a hold of a sock. I went to get it from him, but he just crouched down like he wanted to play. So, I though, "I'll ignore him and he'll move on to something else to play with. Well, I looked down to check something on the computer and then I heard this... gulp, gulp, gulp... I looked up and the sock was gone! He had swallowed the sock! I ran upstairs and told my husband, and then called the vet. The reseptionist wasn't very happy, and was almost in a panic. Dogs swallowing socks is a very dangerous thing, and can be very expensive to fix if the dog ends up needing surgery. So, she told me to hold while she consulted the Dr. on what I should do. He told me to feed patriot Hydrogen Paroxide by the Table spoon until he threw the sock up, and not to delay. Well, we didn't have any Paroxide. So my very unhappy husband went to the store and got a baby dropper and paroxide. We fed him one Tblsp. Nothing. Then another... and a third... he started rolling around on the ground his belly must have been getting stirred up, but still no action... so then a fourth.... and FINALLY... out came the sock! And he's just fine.

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